In Europe
Adriana Hodossyova
Alessandra Kirn
Alex Jay
Lives in NY
Alex D
Alexandra Tretter
Allyson Cook
Alyssa Moore
AT&T Commercial conflict - MPU (21 months) started on 9/17/2015
Amanda Pacheco
Amy Scott
Ana Cristina
Andrea Bagi
Andrea Wahlgren
College starting in September in So CAL
Anna V
Anya K
April Panitz
Ariane Tasca
Bianca Warren
Brielle S
Moving to LA for school August 1st
Cate Chant
Chrissy W
Christina The
Courtney Mccann
Daniela Pestova
Moving to NYC for school
DeeDee Brown
Destiny Sierra
Erin Cummins
Eva Lauren
Eve Salvail
In Minnesota but will be on West Coast this summer, has friends in SF
Hannah Duggan
Hannah Tokuno
Based in Tulum
Hermione Cahill
Houda Shretah
Jana K
Janini .
Jasmine A
Jessica Epps
Jessica Stenebo
Apple conflict (1 yr) - booked 1/8/15
Jillian Lieber
Josee Kildosher
Julia Epp
Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick
Kalyn Joy Waide
Karen B
tattoos on feet and ankle
Katia Coate
Moving to LA for school 9/19
Katie Schmid
Katrina Sperry
Kayann Sunarth
Kiera Chaplin
Kirsty Loreen
Ksenia S
Kursten Berry
Lana Kohn
LaNisa .
Larisa Fraser
Laura Vargas
Li Ming
Lilian Queiroz
Lily Kwong
Lisa Blades
Lucie Pustova
Marina Ami
Martyna S
Maya Schuller
Michele Merkin
Michelle Box
Milica C
Morgan Olson
Moving to NYC for college
Natalie Shinnick
Nicole Domecus
Nora Jorgensen
Oksana Rykova
Priscilla Ricart
Rachel Cook
Rachel James
Rayana Ragan
Rubria Negrao
Sajata Stephane
Sally Jonsson
Samantha White
Sandy Kacura
Currently in Los Angeles
Sandy Leddin
Sanela .
In Chico
Sarah Myers
Savvy Taylor
Selina White
Sierra Sullivan
LA FOR COLLEGE as of 8/27
Sydny .
Tammy Soglanich
Tate Moore
Taylor Rick
Terra Renee
Thais Martins
Tori Owens
Ulrike .
Valen Custer
Vanessa Horn
Victoria Monette

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